martes, 30 de julio de 2013

5th Dimension: Progress on the Slann continues!

5th Dimension: Progress on the Slann continues!: Good morning folks, first off I want to give a big ta la* to Julius, his dayglow pigment set arrived yesterday! He priority mailed them to me like a complete and utter boss! So yesterday was partially spent playing about with the pigments, finding the balance between acrylic binder, pigment and thinner, the rest of the day I spent getting some quality painting time in!

Below you'll find pictures of the current progress on the Slann, I took these last night to lob up on my Facebook album and realised I haven't actually posted detailed pictures of the Slann on here so I thought I'd rectify that! I have mostly been focusing on his right arm and hand, smoothing out the colour transition whilst keeping tonal interest, iv started to add the OSL to the palm of the hands, that still needs some work, I have also been deepening the shadows around the model with a dark blue.

The last think I am going to mention is his eyes, I left them till last because I really don't what I think about em, I was aiming for something high contrast that would really stand out and using the dayglow pigments I've achieved that, but I can't help feelings its a little too intense for him, also, it kinda makes him look a little psychotic, which, might be a good think... or then again maybe not! :P
I am going to return to the eyes today smooth the out and sharpen up the iris'
Let me know, do think the eyes are too much, or do you think they are spot on?


*the phrase 'ta la', is actually Scouse**, translated into English it means thank you friend
** Scouse is the native language spoken by the people of Liverpool, the best northern city in England, it has Celtic, English and Nordic influences.

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