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Realm of Chaos 80s : A Warhammer Bestiary: Slann

Realm of Chaos 80s : A Warhammer Bestiary: Slann: Ahh, proper Slann. Nothing says old school Warhammer like proper Slann. You may well be wondering what I mean by this, as the Slann have been a stalwart of the game for a great many years. Its because these days the slann are relegated to fat frog spell casters. But there was a wild time when an entire army of the frogmen could be fielded en mass. Unlike some of the other races in the WFB3 rulebook, the Slann background section is very well fleshed out, and this is most likely due to their appearance in previous supplements, most notably - the Magnificent Sven. After reading the entry I realised that I had erred in my paint job, as I had included gold metallic parts on my Slann and it seems use of metals is very rare.

Clearly inspired by Aztecs, the Slann are suffering the same decimation
of their society thanks to the coughs and colds of Old Worlders. Though
unlike the ancient dwellers of the Americas, the slann are descended
from a far more powerful and scientific civilisation.  With this in
mind, I went on a little internet stroll to pick up some inspiration to
paint up this model - which is of course on of the earlier pre-slotta
slann models. After sticking the solid base on the plastic base, and
building up the ground under foot with greenstuff and sand I opted to go
with a yellow skin colour, largely becuase I wanted to work on my
technique using this colour.

I don't think I was totally successful. But I am happy with the way the
model came out for this project. Its clear to me that the slann and I
have some unfinished business and would dearly like to produce a vividly
painted force at some point in the future.

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