miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

davetaylorminiatures: Mechanicum - Krios Venator Tank Destroyer - Overha...

davetaylorminiatures: Mechanicum - Krios Venator Tank Destroyer - Overha...:
So, I'm pretty sure I've decided to go with my own Krios Venator Tank
Destroyer for the Old Line Massacre this coming weekend. Yes, it will be
the only piece of armor in my arsenal, but apparently the big gun is
quite nasty, so if I can get a round or two of shooting off with it,
I'll be golden : )

Anyway, I built this model way back in 2006 (or something like that) to
accompany my Adeptus Mechanicus army of the era. It was based on a piece
of artwork from the Horus Heresy Visions artbooks. Originally it was
painted a military green, to keep to connected with my Genswick Rifles
army. Obviously I've gone and changed that up.

I hope you like the red.

And here's the original scheme. This image can be found on the Sepulchre
Of Heroes blog, and comes up as the number two image option on a Google
search for "Mechanicus Tank". Regularly visitor (and fellow blogger)
Mordian 7th has an excellent tank that comes up as number four : )



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