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Pirate Viking Painting: Inquisitorial Rhinos

Pirate Viking Painting: Inquisitorial Rhinos: As promised, here they are! Two shiny new Inquisitorial Rhinos for the Inq28 project:

The client and I debated how to go on the colours of these pair. Initially, we thought to assign the various tanks (the scout car,
these two and a land raider to come) to individual warbands and tie the
colour scheme to them. But that would limit usefulness and versatility.
Instead we thought a consistent scheme across the transports (camo for
the scout car) would make it seem like the vehicles had all been
requisitioned from the local Ordos pool rather than Inquisitors
transporting battle tanks across the galaxy. The client had done quite a
bit of kit-bashing with nifty plastic eagles, - from where I know not
sadly - Scibor plates on the door and a Cities of Death terrain piece
replacing the front of the right hand rhino. This meant they looked
great but needed restraint in paint scheme to stop looking too busy.

There's a trick with rhinos and two tone schemes where if you use the
accent colour in the cut-out bits of the sides and carry it across the
front you get a natural break between elements of the scheme. Gold made a
pleasing contrast against the black and works alongside the red. This
left just the decorative elements which needed a fourth, muted colour to
stop the scheme becoming gaudy. Stone seemed to be the answer there. I
think it worked. The weathering needed to match the normal urban basing I
have been doing for the rest of the Inq28 models. This meant fairly
limited muck and dirt, not much mud in the inner cities. Instead just
grey concrete dust supplied by AK Dust Effects and lightly airbrushed
on. Urban pacification rather than battlefield conditions.

Loved those forgeworld Inquisition rear doors for ages. I knew that
stone plaques would be nice for the script between the gold rails but
what of the rear icon? I needed it to stand out while tying in to the
existing scheme. As I was pondering this I was considering the self same
problem on Inquisitor Huron and the image search for marble for his
shoulder turned up the answer to this one too! A red marble plaque
worked nicely and blended with the red in the scheme.

Matching the rear doors, the forgeworld inquisition top hatch is also
cracking. Stone icon and very shiny gold icon for air recognition
purposes. Tanks often have a prominent symbol on the roofs - especially
if their side has air superiority - in order to prevent unfortunate
blue-on-blue accidents. After all, no thunderbolt pilot wants an
inquisitor's death on their jacket...

Finishing with a quick detail shot of the launcher and lamp. The
launcher is the first time I've painted this part and been happy with
it. Adding the burned ends of the tubes made it look less "part loaded"
and more "part fired". The lamps are the new recipe I have for the unlit
glass. Dark Reaper is shaded with black ink and then highlighted first
with more Dark Reaper and then Thunderhawk Blue. A dab of wet effects
finishes the effect. I tend to prefer to paint the lenses of lamps unlit
as otherwise you need a bunch of object source lighting to make them

That's all folks. Back to infantry tomorrow while I muse on how this scheme will roll on to the Land Raider.


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