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Realm of Chaos 80s: A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers Week 3

Realm of Chaos 80s: A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers Week 3:
It certainly was an interesting week. You see, the wife only went and
fell over and fractured her elbow causing quite a palaver in the
process... Nurgle must be pleased with the subsequent suffering she
endured as I managed to find some time yesterday to get some paint on
this month's project: the classic Nurgle Palanquin.

If you are late to the party, you may not know that alongside some
esteemed fellows of the Oldhammer Community (okay, not that esteemed) we
are attempting our version of the iconic 'Tale of Four Gamers' that
appeared in White Dwarf many years ago (and was actually worth reading, I
might add). My partners in grime are; the well groomed and virile Paul
Mitchell, at the Black Hole, the bacon-wrapped and hunky Chico, of Oldhammer on a Budget,
and the quiet one (read, most likely to be a strange deviant when the
truth comes out) Mr Steve, aka The Citadel Collector, aka bridgendsteve
aka whatever alias he has chosen this week to cover his tracks, Casey of
Eldritch Epistles. 
As you can see, I have managed to get the first part of my painting
project completed - the nurglings. And boy was this a tough task. There
are all manner of yucky little creatures piled up on top of each other
here and approaching such a mass of daemonic flesh was daunting indeed. I
opted to continue with my speed painting technique and chose to keep
the colour of the daemons the same. This would save time and allow me to
get the base completed by the end of this weekend.
I based the squabbling buggers with goblin green and then washed over
the lot with a dark green/black ink wash. Once dry, I created a base
colour by mixing goblin green together with the green ink and coated all
of the nurglings as best I could. I used Foundry's Boneyard light shade
to create the highlights by gradually adding the colour to the original
It took ages to paint them all I can tell you!
Once I was happy with the green, I moved on to painting the eyes. Red
was the obvious choice (as it contrasts nicely with green) and I used a
dark red to dot out the eyeballs in the eyes of those daemons who seemed
to have them. Over the top of this, I attempted a brighter red dot
which I highlighted with pure yellow. The effect is quite pleasing I
think - and makes the nurglings look like they have burning coal like
eyes! I finished off the little details quite quickly - with purple for
lips and intestines and yellowy white for the horns.

Looking at the next part of the model - the chair itself - it was clear
that I would need to finish off the base before I continued. I'd imagine
that sanding and painting the base would be rather difficult with the
complete model put together. I opted for brown over my usual green to
create a distinct colour difference between the nurglings and the
The poles that the daemons hold aloft are still WIP by the way, and they
shall be worked up as I paint the chair. I plan to stick down the next
part of the model to continue working on it shortly, but with a huge
pile of school work to do today I fear it will have to wait until next
week. Still, I am confident I can get the model complete before the end
of the month. 
Until next time, 

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