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James Wappel Miniature Painting: Avoiding a bloody mess? Nah... More Angron

James Wappel Miniature Painting: Avoiding a bloody mess? Nah... More Angron: OK, my apologies for the delay. It's been a very busy day attempting to finish this piece off. Every time I turn my head, there is either more to do, or some unexpected craziness due to the genius of Forgeworld.

Fortunately for them, they are an ocean away from my perpetual wrath.

Anyway, let's see where we are at with this project. These images will mostly focus on what I did with the 3 marines getting pancaked by Angron.

The two World Eater marines got some glazes and washes to prepare them for the freehand stage, which you see here...

The same for the Death Guard marine, looking like a cornerback who just got hit by a 6'8 tight end. I was going to only add rust and such to this guy, but when some loyal Wappellians reminded me of the virus bombing, I thought I needed to get some decay on the World Eaters as well.

Also, I think they had already been stuck there for months with no relief anyway, so rust it is!!

Sadly, I did not have my new supplies from FRP just yet, so I had to do the blood with my current method. Mix a lighter red with a darker brown, and then put both of them together with GW 'Ardcoat. I have done this for a while, partially because I can get some gore if I go extra heavy with the 'Ardcoat.

I wanted to be sure to have some of the blood be much more transparent, and more of a smear than a splatter.

After the Death Guard, it was time to bloody those hapless World Eaters! The same thing applied here, as I wanted to have a blend of lighter, almost smeared blood, and then bigger clumps of dark material.

Mixing in the 'Ardcoat allowed me to get a measure of glossiness, but not completely. The regular paint, and the water I used to thin parts of the mix, were included on purpose so that it would be drier in some places, almost like coagulated blood.


Then I had to work on the source of all that bloodiness!

More images of the blood...

After working on the blood, I wanted to finalize the armor for Angron. I have a few pictures that show the process...

I have some more finish details to work out on this piece, and then I will be taking pictures of the whole thing tomorrow!! Stay tuned...

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