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Korhain's hobby blog: Tutorial painting korhil's golden armor

Korhain's hobby blog: Tutorial painting korhil's golden armor: As I told you in last WIP post I have made step by step photos while painting Korhil's golden armor, as I was trying out another way of painting gold. I was very happy with the result so I decide to make a tutorial for you guys. Only one thing, I have painted this in two parts one in the evening and the other half in afternoon so the pic quality is changing because of the reflecting sunlight in combination with my lamps. But don't worry to much and hit the read more button to find out how to paint korhil's golden armor the Korhain way ;)

Paints I have used:(all are old citadel's)
-Tausept ochre
-Burnished gold
-Mithril silver
-Gryphone sepia
-Leviathan purple

Step 1
Start with a base coat of Tausept ochre. As you can see in the picture I had already painted some metal around the gold because I didn't trust my skills for a 100% and it would be really sad if I mess up my gold while painting the metal parts later on.

Step 2
Give the armor a solid base coat of burnished gold over the Tausept ochre. Because of the Tausept ochre this isn't that hard, but I still advice to do this in two layers one normal layer and then an glazing/heavy watered down layer to make everything good "smooth"

Step 3
Give the armor a first wash of Gryphone sepia.

Step 4
Now give the armor a second was of Gryphone sepia.

Step 5
This is the last part for the shades but also the most tricky one. Make a mix of 3:2 Gryphone sepia : Leviathan purple and used this to build up the darkest shadows(like the arms, close to his neck and some parts of his leg armor. For this I would advice you to build the shadows up in tin layers of watered down paint, similar to how you would glaze something down.

Step 6
Now we start with the first highlights make a mix of 1:7 Tausept ochre : Burnished gold. For highlighting his scale armor you should highlight every scale individual. 

Step 7
Add some Mithril silver to the mix of step 6 and sharpen your highlights, again you should highlight every scale individual.

Step 8
At last add some more Mithril silver to your mix and highlight the most sharped edge's. For the arms you should water the mix down and build the highlights up so you will get a nice round highlight. I haven't highlighted the scale armor with this step because it was good enough for me after step 7, you could try it but I like this way the most.

And there you got golden armor done the Korhain way ;)
Thanks for reading, As this is my second tutorial I would like to hear some tips and tricks or other helpful thing about it which I will use to make the next tutorial even better.

Happy painting! Korhain

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