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Somewhere the Tea's: Frog on your Throat!

Somewhere the Tea's: Frog on your Throat!: Ah, finally some new material - with some old thrown in for good measure!

Here is my Round 9 entry to the LPL - the Slann wizard on his Palanquin, borne aloft by lobotomised slaves. This mini has been on the hit list for some time and you may remember a rather jubilant post a while back when I finally got my hands on it.

Also featured here is a rather natty aquarium ornament I picked up some time ago for £4 at Pets at Home - doesn't even really need a touch up, although I may make a scenic base for it at some point.

I spent quite a while trying to decide on a colour scheme for the Wizard. Having already used colourful poison arrow frog type patterns for my Venom Tribe Slann, I wanted something equally colourful and patterned but with much more stature than those lowly primitives!

Having trawled google images I came up with this regal looking fella - an Amazon Horned Frog. I brightened up the green a bit and attempted the brown stripes - think he turned out alright!

I also figured that a Slann of this status would probably have no taste at all - think a Lustrian version of Toad of Toad Hall! Hence the rather gaudy feather fan and his cushions of many colours.

You may also be just able to spot the rather lovely Aztec Sun Stone base he is mounted on from the excellent Fenris Games. To make it look part of the scenery I blended it in with rubble, sand, jungle tufts and a few flowers.

While I'm on a Lustria theme, here's a few better shots of the Lizardmen I posted the other week

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