jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

5ª Dimension: Build a Socket

5ª Dimension: Build a Socket: Hello everybody, the post about the oger-workshop by Pascal have to wait a few day till I get the makro pics shooted by Raffa. I want to use the time to show you my way to produce a simple socket pretty socket.

Step 1: Which kind of wood, I choose a rare tropical wood because of it`s red color and beautiful grain.
Step 2: Cutting the wood in rough peaces.

Step 3: Step by step milling the parts. (as smaller your steps so much better would be your result)

Step 4: Checking the right measure, as the case may be you have to rework the parts.
Step 5: Beveling the parts straight and clean, this is very important!
Step 6: Choosing the perfekt varnish for your socket.

For this typ of wood the perfekt choise is "Hartöl". Hartöl is an oil for a workingstep called "anflammen" or scarfing in english. This oil to raise the contrast of the grain and to shade the hole socket.
Step 7: repeating "step 6" three times. Let the socket dry one day. Finished!

This is the most used way to build wooden sockets, hope it was useful.

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