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The Sons of Dorn: Tutorial: Wash Painting Nurgle Demons

The Sons of Dorn: Tutorial: Wash Painting Nurgle Demons: Finished Nurgle Plaguebearer A couple of people have requested information on how I painted a few previously posted Nurgle Plaguebearers and Chaos Space Marines.

Nurgle Plaguebearer

So here's a short tutorial on how I do this.

Nurgle Plaguebearer
White Undercoat
Step 1:
The miniature was given a thin undercoat of pure white. I generally use Vallejo undercoats as I find these can be quickly applied with an airbrush.

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Athonian Camoshade Coat 1
Step 2:
Once the undercoat was fully dry, I applied a generous coat of Athonian Camoshade to the miniature using a Washbrush and then left the miniature to dry (mainly as the Lord or Terror had hidden her hairdryer....)

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Athonian Camoshade Coat 2

Step 3:
With the first layer of shade fully dry, I applied a second generous coat of Athonian Camoshade. This was then followed by a thick coat of Agrax Earthshade.

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Ratskin Flesh Coat 1

Step 4:
Having located the Lord of Terror's hairdryer and accelerated the drying process slightly, I painted the warts, intestines and other ikky fleshy bits with a thinned coat of Ratskin Flesh. Given that the base layer paints from GW are pigment dense, I used Vallejo airbrush thinner to do this, rather than the more expensive Lahriman Medium. As this is a Nurgle demon, I wasn't too worried if the end result wasn't totally accurate.

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Dryad Bark Coat
Step 5:
Anything not expected to be green or pink (ick!) was given a thinned coat of Dryad Bark.

Nurgle Plaguebearer
More Washes...
Step 6:
The Dryad Bark areas were given a thick coat of Agrax Earthshade. Similarly, the Fleshy bits were given a coat of Reikland Fleshade. The miniature was left to dry overnight (the hairdryer had been removed after accusations of using it for purposes that were not deemed appropriate)

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Cadian Fleshtone
Step 7:
Fleshy areas were given a thinned layer of Cadian Fleshtone, layered to retain some of the darker Flesh showing through.

Nurgle Plaguebearer
A severe case of Jaundice
Step 8:
The demon's single eye was given two thinned coats of Flash Gitz Yellow. Ikky...

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Bones and Teeth
Step 9:
Teeth and bones were given a coat of Zandri Dust, followed up by Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull.

Nurgle Plaguebearer

Nurgle Plaguebearer
Based and Varnished

Step 10:
To finish the model off, I covered the base in Armageddon Dust, drybrushed when dry with Tyrant Skull. The larger rocks were painted with thinned Zandri Dust and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull. The whole base was then given a wash of Seraphim Sepia.

Once dry, Vallejo Matt Varnish was used to tone the whole model down.

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