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Power Armoured Metal: Showcase: Custom Objective markers

Power Armoured Metal: Showcase: Custom Objective markers: 2/3 of standard 40k missions involve objectives, so it is hard to avoid them. Whilst the GW neon-green products are quite nice, sometimes yo

The 'Base'

Its always a good idea to have a decent, strong base for your objectives. Whilst you can use anything flat, I prefer spare 25mm bases. Since they are only objective tokens, they don't need to be massive. Any spare base is probably enough to make a good sized token. It doesn't need to be extravagant, just noticeable on the table.

The chaotic icon above is a good example of this. Simple, plenty of base space, and recognisable

Don't throw bitz
Spare parts are brilliant for objectives. It is a great use for all those unused parts left over after building models. For example, the objective bellow, a scanner/GPS device, was made from an internal component of a Drop Pod. normally, this would have been thrown away, but it's easy to see the potential of this tiny component.

Be varied
Objective markers are a great opportunity for going all out, and making things you would normally do. As seen below, I've make a chaotic portal, a space marine relic, a guardsman (probably with information), and have completed a scanner and resurrecting necrons. Although I only play one of the 5 armies shown through these objectives, they are a pleasant change from the regular blue you see on this blog.

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