jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Shiny things: An early experiment with reflections

Shiny things: An early experiment with reflections: These are some Grey Knights I did back in the days when I first started playing my Demonhunters army.  I wanted to have a shiny, reflective armor look.  I had been doing the Sky-earth NMM for a few years, and I thought this could be an interesting test to do something besides "earth" for the ground half.

Since the entire army was based on the marble and tiles, it seemed only natural to reflect those onto the armor!

I did my best to reflect them where I could.  Obviously, I had to simplify things a bit due to the 1 inch tall figures!

Whne I did rreflect the tiles, I made sure to grey down the colors and make them a bit darker than the actual tiles, which is how you would paint those in 2 dimensions.  I had to do more in some areas than I might have done in "reality", but I also wanted people to see this stuff, so sometimes you have to boost things a bit to make them visible.

As it was, it still took viewers a while to notice the reflections.

Speaking of shiny things, Jeero got some new shiny things to put in his bank!  He was very happy, and Trunko was curious, as always.

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