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James Wappel Miniature Painting: Warped minds

James Wappel Miniature Painting: Warped minds: I decided to gather together a collection of my Demonhunter retinue figures for some group shots.  This first group spans about 5 years... from my first retinue minis in 4th Edition to Adepticon 2012.

The Inquisitor was a conversion I did back in '07, scratch sculpting the psycannon and adding some purity seals (the original was an extra mini in the Black Reach box set, I think).
I added these Demonhosts at Adepticon, because I never got to use them back in the day.  It was a little easier to squeeze them in with the new book.  They were quite useless, sadly.

I was not surprised by that, but it was something I had hoped could give someone a surprise!

Here's another set of Psykers.  The guy in the back was one of the originals.  You can see the basing system that I used to avoid confusion when it came to what was in the retinue.

The others were added along the way, with the guy in front joining the 2012 version.

I still have many more unpainted retinue figures that may have to be saved for the Dark Heresy RPG game... if I ever get to run that.

Next up... Servitors!!!  With guns.

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